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“Grooveatropolis is a modern EDM record with all the qualities of contemporary house music, as well as one which retains those traits familiar to longtime fans of the genre. “Grooveatropolis” (or “groove metropolis”) is the fifth full-length record from Asmodelle and her first dance album. She cites as main artistic influences artists such as Armand Van Helden, Joris Voorn, Paul Oakenfold, and Dave Pearce. Her official website also mentions Brian Eno, Tangerine Dream, Boards of Canada, Massive Attack, and Aphex Twin. As a result of this broad musical interest, she creates music in-between usual categories. Her songs often cross the borders of electronica music with “chillout,” ambient, house, trance, and experimental tracks.”


“New Album Release: ASMELECTRIX PRESS RELEASE New Album release: ASMELECTRIX Artist: Asmodelle Release date: August 2011 Music Genre / Style: Electronica | House Major Label: Blue Pie Records Asmodelle is the electronica diva and she has a new album out – ASMELECTRIX. It is a mixed genre of electronica, from dance to electro house to electro dub, while some tracks have a minimal feel as well.”


“Asmelectrix is Asmodelle’s fourth album and her first album that uses sampling extensively. There is an electro-dub feel to a few of the tracks, while others are more up-tempo with a house feel. And a couple of the tracks are more akin to dance music. This album is also the sequel to Asmodelle’s third and popular album – TRANSELECTRIX – and some of the tracks off that album are rearranged into a new format in ASMELECTRIX. Comprising dance music and sampled tunes for lovers of up-tempo beats. An album of up-beat electronic music tracks with an electro-dub feel, ranging from chill-out to trance. This album has a very different to Asmodelle’s earlier work, and features some of the latest sounds with dance and chill-out beats, mixed with a funky edge.”


“You might think the Grand Gaga, with this blonde chanteuse staring back at you, but this is no pop starlet parading around in odd outfits, this is a woman dedicated to song creation. Veering from house and ambient electronic synths ping-ponging back on forth on “The Hunted,” to the glittery vogue sounds of “Trusted Pink Bow,” that sounds as if it is the orchestration to a fashion show in space. So while Asmodelle isn’t creating complex or auditory challening ambient electronica meanderings, she is creating wholly listenable mixes and beats for the club, midnight car rides, or a trip into neon outer space.”


“Ambient Repairer is my favorite song here. In this tune, keys tinkle against a soaring whoosh of synths. This is a modern electronic homage to Vangelis, Edgar Froese, and other early synth pioneers. The song is only 3:44, which is insanely short for that style (Tangerine Dream used to do 30 minute synth opuses), but it really works. It’s a nice little throwback piece. Also of interest is Da (Boom Da), which takes the synths in a more modern direction by making something that is not unlike Daft Punk. Now, this is a lot mellower than Daft Punk, but the driving synths are really similar. Those might be the standout tracks, but there is a lot to like here. Electronic Mischief is an enjoyable collection of mellow, minimal electronica. Asmodelle is not breaking any new boundaries here, and yet her work is delightfully outside the ever changing mainstream of electronic – no fractured, stuttering, dubstep beats here! All the same, this is a rather enjoyable album. If, like me, you enjoyed t”


“Dark Universe is comprised of a series of tenebrous, beatless expanses. Reverberating chimes and tonal swells emerge in apparently random measure from a backdrop of deep, evolving drones and sonic turbulence. Shifting sonic winds and faintly mechanical textures underpin an electronic thrum and metallic tinkles. Grumbling low frequency beds emit sci-fi streamers and ethereal sweeps suggestive of alien vistas. Dark Universe was recorded live and carries a sense of improvisational experimentation fuelled by a sense of enigmatic awe. The tenor is one of brooding, spacey exploration; sometimes vast, abyssal, obscure; sometimes dense and organic.”