Jun 17 2014


Some of Asmodelle’s latest albums are in the same vain as Ministry of Sound, Hed Kandi, Cafe Del Mar, Buddha Bar, LMFAO, Armand Van Helden, Pete Tong, Mark Knight, Dave Pearce, and many others. Yet what you may not have realised is Asmodelle also has albums that are in the ambient genre as well. A very diverse artist, who has worked with many people over the years and loves performing. Her style is not sample based, like so much electronic music these days, but is often played from start to finish like regular music and can be performed live. As a consequence, the music has a different quality about it: a non mechanical one. Asmodelle’s style is unique and the tracks are all very original. Her skill lay in her ability to improvise something completely new which is then moulded into a refined piece. As a child Asmodelle was taught classical music but there is very little evidence in the modern sounds she creates.

You can see a couple of Asmodelle’s video here as well.

From the Asmelectrix Album

Also from the Asmelectrix Album